Vintage Watch Parts.

Over many years of messing with watches i have ended up with a lot of broken watches. Some were due to dubious eBay descriptions, many were because i though i would be able to fix them and a few worked before i tried to 'fix' them and now they are parts! All these watches and parts have been kept. In many cases the are only really any use for spares. One day (hopefully) i will get around to cataloging the parts. When i do they will be listed here.

In the mean time, if you have a requirement for a particular part (especially Seiko LCD), please email me using the address on the Contact page and i'll let you know if i can help.

Please note: many people have been asking for spare Seiko battery hatches - this is because they easily get damaged or lost. I currently do not have any spare hatches in stock. Your best bet here is to look on an auction site and buy a whole (broken?) watch with a good hatch but remember, to do this you need patience! Also, be sure to get the right model. While some hatches can be used on many models they are not all the same size or fitting.

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