What's on this site?

The majority of this site can be found under the Watches menu. Here you will find a lot of watch images categorised by watch type. Almost all the images are taken from my personal collection so it is far from comprehensive.

Each watch will also appear with information on the watch maker, similar models and any other related information. For some watches additional historical information such as how innovative it was at the time and any special features will appear.

Anything else?

Due to the nature of vintage watches (and eBay descriptions!) I have a large collection of watch parts which are listed here and available for sale or swap to other watch collectors. I also have many technical manuals, related books and other literature. These are documented (with extracts and comments on the contents).

The technical section also contains technical tips I have learned along the way as well as information and history on various watch types and some interesting (if you like that sort of thing) technical and background information on Seiko.

Why was this site created?

The site was initially created to sell watches but after selling one or two I regretted it and had to find replacement models. At this time I decided I was a watch collector not a watch dealer. Occasionally I do sell watches (see the Sale area) where I end up with duplicates otherwise the watches you see here are not for sale.

Since I am a child of the 70ís most of the watches I initially collected were new when I was young. This tended to mean they are all LED or LCD digital watches. Once the collecting bug had well and truly bitten, the quality of Seiko and Longines watches captured my interest and have both been a favourite for inclusion in the collection ever since.

Later, as the collection grew, I became interested in watch development and related technical advances from the 60ís onward. This is when very early LCD and other watches (such as the jump hour and electric types) started to be added.

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